USA Four Corners Tour

Please note there are two different USA Four Corner Tours.  The cost is the same for either ride and you chose which ride you want to do.  With the Starter’s Package you receive the materials for both rides.  You can do either ride just send in the Finisher’s Package and we’ll certify one or the other.  You can be certified for both rides if you complete them both in 21 days or less.USA FOUR CORNERS TOUR (Regular)The rules are simple.  You have 21 days (or less) to ride your motorcycle (or trike) to these Four Corner cities of the United States; San Ysidro, CA; Blaine, WA; Madawaska, ME; and Key West, FL using any route and sequence you desire.  You do not have to return to the first corner to finish the event.  The ride is approximately 7000 miles (depending on your route), not including your travel to the first corner and your ride home from your final corner.

USA FOUR CORNERS TOUR “TRUE X”This ride was introduced in 2011.  Ride your motorcycle from one of the Four Corners of the United States then to the center of the USA, Lebanon, Kansas.  Then, ride to one of the remaining three corners and back to Lebanon, Kansas.  Ride to one of the two remaining corners and then back to Lebanon, Kansas, and finally ride to the fourth corner to complete the ride. Complete this ride in 26 days or less and become a USA Four Corners True X finisher.  Upon completion, you will receive a specially designed pin and certificate for this astounding accomplishment.  The ride is approximately 11,000 miles (depending on your route), not including your travel distance to the first corner and your ride home from the final corner.You must register for either ride PRIOR to starting.   The online registration form appears here only if you have logged on as an active SCMA member.  If you are not an active member, then register and pay as either a new member or a renewing member.  When you have logged on simply scroll to the registration form and complete it.

You will receive an embroidered towel with your registration number on it.  Photograph the towel and your motorcycle at any of the USA Four Corner landmarks, or a total of seven locations if completing the TRUE X.

In order to have your ride certified, you must:

(a) Take a photograph of your motorcycle (with registration towel) at any of the USA Four Corner landmarks showing your registration towel number.  (Photograph at each of the Four Corners, and three additional photographs in Lebanon, Kansas, for the TRUE X ride.

(b)  Obtain a computer generated gas receipt from a service station in the corner city or Lebanon, Kansas; if doing the TRUE X, to include the CITY, DATE, and TIME you obtained fuel for your motorcycle.

(c) Complete the Corner forms included in the starter package at each Corner and Lebanon, Kansas; if doing the TRUE X.  Forms indicate your name, location, date, time, miles/kilometers, make, model, and license plate number of your motorcycle (or trike).  MAIL from home AFTER completing the ride.  Return ALL forms, gas receipts from each corner, and photograph of you and your motorcycle with numbered towel at a corner landmark.  These should be mailed as a complete package when you return from the tour.

The rider’s starter package includes; rules, checklist, four corner maps, personalized registration towel, SCMA towel clips, Four Corners pins and hat.

Riders who successfully have their ride certified, receive a finishers pin, Four Corners decal, and a personalized plaque documenting their completion of the ride.

TRUE X Finishers also receive a TRUE X hat and TRUE Finisher’s decal.  The TRUE X plaque will identify their TRUE X ride rather than the regular tour.

This is truly a world class event.  Be one of the 100+ people a year to complete this ride.  Have FUN!

NOTE 1:  You must become an SCMA member to register for this ride and you must complete a 2017 Release of Liability Form – Four Corners USA, to receive a starter’s package.

NOTE 2:  Riders completing the TRUE X in 21 days or less will receive both the regular Four Corners pin AND the TRUE X pin as well as a special certificate indicating their outstanding accomplishment.

NOTE 3:  Trikes qualify for this ride.


Offline Registration

NOTICE: You must mail a signed and notarized a 2017 Release of Liability Form – Four Corners USA to complete your application for this event. The AMA Sanction Number for the 2017 USA Four Corners Tour is 50558.

  1. Download it here
  2. Print it in color
  3. Sign it in the presence of a Notary and have it notarized.
  4. Send it to: USA Four Corners Tour, c/o Dannie Fox
    117 E. Blue Lagoon Dr.
    Casa Grande, AZ. 85122-5057

Are you a rider or passenger under 21?  Then complete the Form for Minors.

Failure to provide a completed Waiver and Release of Liability Form to the  SCMA will make you ineligible to participate in the event.  The form is available on the front page of the SCMA web site under MEMBER RESOURCES.  You must print it on a color printer, then sign it in the presence of a Notary and have it notarized and then send the original form with original signature to: USA Four Corners Tour, c/o Dannie Fox
117 E. Blue Lagoon Dr.
Casa Grande, AZ. 85122-5057