1999 Finishers

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Al Holtsberry Pickerington, OH
Andy Shriver Coronado, CA
Scott Davis Hollywood, MD
Edward Jones Hollywood, MD
Bob Stowe Castro Valley, CA
William Pratt Mill Creek, WA
Clarence Huff Concordia, KS
Clarence Finished Four Corners Tour 3 Times 1994, 1997, and 1999
Luis Sison Seattle, WA
Raul Cepeda Seattle, WA
Bill Hayward Pasadena, CA
Jacques Lefebvre Chatsworth, CA
Paul Woodman Marysville, WA
Jane Usatin San Diego, CA
Richard Rohlf
Round Rock, TX
Patrick Jacaruso Jewell City, CT
Andrew Yackovetsky Bozrah, CT
William Riley Long Beach, CA
Terry Riley Long Beach, CA
Richard Smith Ft. Pierce, FL
Pauline Ralston Ft. Pierce, FL
Lou Caspary San Diego, CA
Bill Orth Westminster, CA
Bernie Stall Houston, CA
Paul Fenton Aliso Viejo. CA
Trudy Albrecht Bakersfield, CA
Lucky Dyer Simi Valley, CA
Carl Fisher Simi Valley, CA
Carl Finished Four Corners Tour 2 Times 1990 and 1999
Bob Brown
Pomona, CA
Wayne Miller Dana Point, CA
Edwin Phelps Woodbine, MD
James Culp Johnson City, TN
James Finished Four Corners Tour 2 Times 1996 and 1999
Sarah Culp rode as a Passenger With Her Father James David Culp
Jerry Thorp
La Salle, IL
Ron Sachs Hacienda Heights, CA
Jesse Booth Crofton, MD
Michael Case Alta Loma, CA
Gary Amburn Marietta, CA
Tony Laminack Fairburn, GA
Bob Norton Orange, CA
BobFinished Four Corners Tour 2 Times 1994 and 1999
Virginia Norton Orange, CA
Virginia Finished Four Corners Tour 2 Times 1994 and 1999
Greg Thomas Hillsboro, OR
Steve Heywood Pinole, CA
Tony Clelland Port Coquitlam, BC Canada

Tony Finished Four Corners Tour 2 Times 1996, and 1999
YELLOW = Will Tour USA 4Corners Again
RED = Rode USA 4 Corners more than once

Men 37 Riders
Women 5 Riders
Husband & Wives 2 Riders
Husband With Wife as Passenger 0 Riders
Father & Daughter 1 Riders
Richard R Completed 4Corners Tour 99 & 03
Bob B Completed 4Corners Tour 99 & 04
Jerry T Completed 4Corners Tour 99 & 06

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