2017 Mid-Year Elections

SCMA has six members on its Board of Directors. Three are elected each year to a two-year term.

This being an odd-numbered year, the Chairman, Secretary, and Risk Manager are open for election.

In even-numbered years the Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Marketing Director and Membership Director are elected.

NOMINATIONS CLOSED: Nominations were conducted on April 15th at the Annual Members Meeting. There was one nomination received by email. Charles Lamb nominated the below candidates and it was seconded by a member in attendance.

The board accepted the following candidates for the positions indicated.


Gonzo (Incumbent)


Dan Burtt (Incumbent)

Referee/Risk Manager:

Rodney Chew (Incumbent)

Click HERE to print the Ballot.  Please note that if you have printed the ballot before 3:56 PM PDT, April 29, 2017, you need to reprint it due to changes that were made after it was first published.

Only paper ballots are acceptable for this election and must be received at the Post Office Box by 8:00 am June 17th or hand delivered to the Secretary at the beginning of the GMM on July 18th at 3117 Garvey North, West Covina.

Members are encouraged to print the ballot form and mail it with:

(Return name and address)

To: SCMA, Ballot

PO Box 487,

Norwalk, CA 90651-0487


The member’s name and return address must appear on the outside of the envelope.

Ballots will be opened in public by the Secretary/Election Committee at the June 17th General Membership Meeting (GMM). The Election committee will validate the active membership status of names reflected in the envelope’s return address. Envelopes without the member’s name in the return address cannot be validated and therefore will not be accepted for voting.

After validation, envelopes will be set aside until all envelopes have been validated and possible duplicate ballots eliminated. Envelopes will then be opened and ballots tabulated.

The vote count will be announced at the meeting, posted to the website, and posted in the next published Newsletter.

The newly elected Directors will assume their responsibilities after the close of the June 17th Board meeting, but no later than July 1st.


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