Best 15 US Registration

To register for this event you must first have an active membership.

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NOTICE: You must mail a signed AMA Release Of Liability (ROL) Form to complete your application for this event.

  1. Download it here
  2. Sign it in the presence of a witness and have them sign it as well.
  3. Complete your online registration and payment via PayPal account or credit card through PayPal
  4. Send signed ROL to: Robert Roger
SCMA Chair Best 15
17641 Withrich Rd
Dalton, Ohio, 44618

Are you a rider or passenger under 21? Please complete the Form for Minors ROL (Release of Liability) which must be notarized. Failure to provide a completed and notarized Release of Liability (ROL) Form to SCMA will make you ineligible to participate in the event.

For further clarification or questions about this event, contact Bob Roger, Chairman, Best 15 US Roads Challenge, at either
(330) 857-8131 or

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