Best 15 US Roads Rules

  1. The participant must be a member of the Southern California Motorcycling Association.
  2. The participant must complete a registration form and pay the associated ride fee.
  3. The participant must ALSO complete an AMA Release Of Liability (ROL) – Best 15 US Roads. This form can be printed in BLACK and WHITE, the form must be witnessed, in case of a minor. Before you begin the ride, send the ROL to: Robert Roger, Chairman, SCMA Best 15 US Roads Challenge, PO Box 176, Dalton, Ohio, 44618. The ROLs may be found HERE.
  4. The participant MUST provide a GAS RECEIPT clearly showing the date and location at BOTH ENDS of each road or road group (challenge unit). Also required is at least one PHOTO of the PARTICIPANT with his or her MOTORCYCLE taken with a SIGN or recognizable LANDMARK to identify the location. The gas receipts and photos must be assembled into a Ride Log and sent to the Chairman of the Best 15 US Roads Challenge for approval to certify the participant as a Finisher of the Challenge. Ride Log MUST be received by December 15.
  5. The participant must ride his or her motorcycle or trike the entire distances to and from home, to and from and along the prescribed roads. The fifteen roads may be traveled in any sequence, breaks in time between roads are allowed and can be taken at the discretion of the rider; In the event of a road closure, ride to the closure sign to take the photo.
  6. ALL 15 Roads must be ridden in ONE calendar year, designated as between January 15 and November 15. Again, finishers will have until November 30 to submit their Ride Logs. There are no time extensions for any reason, including weather, mechanical failures, accidents, illness etc. Participants will have two years of eligibility to complete the ride; the year of registration is considered the first year of eligibility, the following year is the 2nd year of eligibility.  

For further clarification or questions about this event, contact Bob Roger, Chairman, Best 15 US Roads Challenge at:

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