Best 15 Roads Challenge 2013

  • December 13, 2016
    12:00 am

The Southern California Motorcycling Association proudly announces its third annual Best 15 US Roads Challenge.  Fifteen roads in Wyoming, Montana, Washington, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and New England.  Every year we make a few changes to the list–based on the feedback and suggestions we receive from previous Best 15 finishers and other knowledgeable long distance riders.

Take all 15 of them in any order at any time during a  single calendar year.  Take breaks during your travels at any time–you just must travel all of your miles from home to the roads and while on the roads riding a motorcycle or trike.  Provide proof of your journey by providing photos and gas station receipts from each of the 15 and assembling it into a journal of your own design.  A specially designed certificate, pin and patch for all finishers.  First-time finishers receive an inscribed knife.   Second-time finishers receive an inscribed flashlight.  For  third-time finishers and beyond we will talk to you and get your preference for marking the accomplishment.  All of this for $60.  Questions?  Email Charlie Coyner at   See you on the road.