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Author Topic: ALL future Three Flags Classic rides
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Post ALL future Three Flags Classic rides
on: September 12, 2019, 13:52

I have an idea, a proposal, for future Three Flags Classic rides. I have pitched this idea to Gonzo in the recent past, but I am now offering this as a formal proposal, as something that should be brought up and discussed at the next TFC group meeting. 🙂

I think we can all agree that there is a LOT of work that has to go into each and every year of operation of the TFC.
And "part" of that work, is the finding, securing, and contracts of each years' Start Hotel, as well as Finish hotel. 😕

What if I could cut that work in half....or rather YOU two cut that work in half ? 😮

My proposal is to have a Finish hotel/Location from one year, serve as the Start hotel/location for the next year.


2020 Start is in Mexicali, and Finish (at this moment) is in Vancouver.

2021...Start would be at the same Vancouver hotel in 2021 as we finished in 2020, and there would be a new Finish location/hotel.

Better explanation:

2020 Start at location A..............Finish at location B.
2021 Start at location B..............Finish at location C.
2022 Start at location C..............Finish at location D
2023 Start at location D..............Finish at location E
2024 Start at location E..............Finish at location F
2025 Start at location F...............Finish at location G.

You get the picture, and it would continue this way forever forward. 😎

WHY do it this way? 😮

1st and foremost, it would lessen the work load involved each year.

2nd, we would all get better discounts on the Finish hotel, for lower Banquet costs, and better room rates, because we would be using that SAME hotel the next year as a Start hotel. The hotel would be inclined to offer us better rates for everything, if we are willing to sign up for 2 years of services.

3rd, while it is using the same hotel as a Start that we had as a Finish the previous year, it does offer some sense of familiarity for the riders, which makes it easier....more comfortable to FIND the Start hotel the next year.

4th, the actual ROUTE ridden each year would be different than the previous year. Hence, we are not duplicating the ride, year after year, because each ROUTE and Checkpoint locations will all be different each year.

5th, whomever is the Finish hotel coordinator for 2020, can also be the Start hotel coordinator for 2021, and so on, and so forth. That person already has the personal contacts, and the personnel lined up to work the Start hotel, as they did with the Finish hotel the year before.

THINK about this, and let's discuss it during the next TFC group meeting. 😎

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