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Author Topic: 2020 Three Flags Classic - Chairman's Corner
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Post 2020 Three Flags Classic - Chairman's Corner
on: October 16, 2019, 17:13

Hello Everyone!
Well, preparations for the 2020 Three Flags Classic have begun.
So there is as little rumor as possible, let me tell you there are 3 people who can dispel most rumors about the 2020 TFC. They are Gonzo, the SCMA Chairman; Steven Shulman, the Three Flags Chairman; and Brian Hooker, the Three Flags Vice Chairman. I intend to monitor this forum regularly between now and the start of Three Flags so you will get much of your information here.
Let me start by telling you I have put out a call for people who want to serve on committees. I have received a fair amount of response and will get information out to those interested this week regarding those committees. If you also wish to participate, we welcome any helpful hands!
The first thing that came up was a request to begin the Three Flags the week following Labor Day. A survey was sent out and an overwhelming response favored the request to move the ride to the week after Labor Day. This survey was conducted after we had requested rated from several hotels for the banquet, so the response we got back were for Labor Day week. Brian Hooker and I traveled to the greater Vancouver area and also Whistler to meet with a number of venues. While there, we asked about rates and availability for the following week.
While we are currently in discussions with a few locations, one of the venues has their banquet room booked the week after Labor Day and the other does not. At this time we are having a difficult time being able to afford either venue for either week. The discussions continue and I hope to have new proposals this week. Frankly, Whistler is our first choice coming in from the north and departing to the south for most people. It is likely the cost will drive our decision whether to have the ride Labor Day week or the week after. I'll keep you posted as negotiations continue.
We have considered a few other options as well. They are:
1) Raising the registration fee for the 45th somewhere between $285 (2019 price) and $325.
2) Reducing the cost at the start to afford the follies at the finish.
3) A combination of both.
While I know I may hear a lot of "If they raise the rates, I'm not going," we ARE cost conscious! Costs have gone up everywhere and the cost for the 40th ride was .
still under $300... 5 years ago, and that was at the EMPRESS HOTEL! The overall cost for this ride from the time people leave home until they return home runs between $1500 to $2500 USD depending upon your choice of lodging. I hope you'll consider where $40 fits into the equation in the overall scheme of things. I welcome your thoughtful comments.
We have people working on the route at the moment, despite not inking the finish location. Early work on the start means we have plenty of time to make this a terrific route.
I'll have much more within a week to report as we are working on some cool stuff for 45... until then, ride safely!

Steven Shulman
2020 Three Flags Chairman

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Post Re: 2020 Three Flags Classic - Chairman
on: October 18, 2019, 07:17

Sounds good Steve! I'll be on the ride no matter what. A cost increase should be expected as the years roll along, what's a small increase in cost compared to a life experience of this magnitude???

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Post Re: 2020 Three Flags Classic - Chairman
on: October 19, 2019, 08:21

For my 2 pesos, less follies at the start and more for the finish. I'm an old man now and need my rest before the start. And yes, I think a cost increase should be expected.

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Post Re: 2020 Three Flags Classic - Chairman
on: October 27, 2019, 18:03

Thanks for your input above. Just a few short comments as to where we are at this stage. Brian Hooker and I recently traveled to the Vancouver area, Squamish, and Whistler to meet with a number of hotels and tourism boards. We had previously advised the hotels and venues for the banquet we were interested in the week of Labor Day. Right before our travels a survey was produced to query members as to their preference on the dates of the Three Flags Classic. An overwhelming number of members preferred dates a week following Labor (Labour) Day. We then advised the hotels to provide us availability for the week after as well as the week of Labor Day.

When we arrived at each location we found availability for event space or hotel rooms would cost more the week after Labor Day rather than the week of Labor Day. Furthermore, two of the venues did not have event space during the week following Labor Day. The one spot that did have event space available would increase the room rates 30% the following week as that begins the "season." In the end, we were left with one venue that we were able to negotiate reasonable room rates and would rent us the banquet room and provide food for "reasonable" rates.

We hope to ink a deal with a venue soon.

Further, we are working on the route and I hope to have more information as well on that in the coming weeks.

I have started working on the Mexico hotel and hope to have information on that as well in the coming weeks.

Reuben, our beloved photographer has managed to secure several more photographers for our event... more on that later.

Things are coming together and we'll have more information for you as things progress.

At this moment we are negotiating with a hotel in Whistler, BC and are close to nailing down a deal. We should be able to determine if this is the location within a week, and I'll report as soon as we sign a contract and select the meal. This is an awesome location and the ride in is different than the ride out for most people. It is a stunning, hospitable, and scenic location. If we can make it happen I assure you, you will not be disappointed. At this point I'm sorry we will likely not be able to make the week after Labor Day happen, but it is a priority for next year. We've put a lot of effort and tie sorting out this location and I appreciate your understanding.

Please e-mail me or call me with any questions or suggestions.


Steven Shulman, 2020 TFC Chairman

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Post Re: 2020 Three Flags Classic - Chairman
on: January 3, 2020, 19:11


JANUARY 4, 2020 at 10:00 AM (SATURDAY) Pacific Standard Time

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Post Re: 2020 Three Flags Classic - Chairman
on: March 31, 2020, 16:08

Steve, I have not been on this ride in many years and I wonder how the start works in this new era and what the "start window" might be.

Looks like a great route and I am sure looking forward to riding it again.

Thanks, Earl

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