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Author Topic: Why the Release of Liability Form and how does it work?
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Post Why the Release of Liability Form and how does it work?
on: May 30, 2013, 08:32

All SCMA events are insured for liability. It protects riders, volunteers and members of the board in the event a third party is damaged or injured by our event or an act of a participant. It also protects our volunteers and board members in the event a rider is hurt during an event.

As a condition of receiving our liability insurance, SCMA is required to have all participants sign a Release of Liability form. This protects our volunteers and board members. You can view a copy of the form by going to the home page of the website and clicking on Release of Liability form over in one of the resources boxes.

The American Motorcyclist Association also requires a ROL as a condition of receiving an AMA riding sanction for an event. In 2013, only the Three Flags Classic has received AMA sanctioning. We have elected to only seek sanctioning for the TFC.

For our one-day and two-day rides, riders register for the ride, pay the riding fee and sign the ROL form at the starting point of the ride. For these events, we do not have pre-registration and so we have no online transactions.

For our premier riding events (USA Four Corners, Best 15 US Roads Challenge, California Parks Adventure and California Mission Tour), a rider must download a ROL, fill in the top, sign it, get it witnessed and mail it to the registration address for the event. Once SCMA membership has been verified, the rider fee has been paid and the completed ROL has been received, then the event chairman sends the starters package to the rider. Allow two to four weeks for handling.

For the Three Flags Classic, the ROL forms will be at the Thursday afternoon check-in in Deming. The check-in process consists of verifying SCMA membership, signing the ROL, having your picture taken for the TFC passport you will carry to every checkpoint, and receiving the starters package. The starters package includes a "Start Card" that must be filled out and handed to the TFC committee on Friday morning as you depart Deming.

If you have any question about any of this, post it here and I will answer it here. If you have a question you can bet there are a dozen people with the same question.

See you on the road

Blake P. Anderson
SCMA Chairman
(714) 801-3931

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