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Author Topic: Things to see on 4 Corners and routes
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Post Things to see on 4 Corners and routes
on: March 2, 2013, 20:55

Ok doing 4 corners for the 1st time in mid to end of may as my start. Starting in San Ysidro well the Mexican Border as im doing a IBA B2B on the way to Blaine well Canada 1st LOL.
Then going across the top of the USA is there anything that is a MUST see or make sure not to go that way I should know about?
What is the best way from Blaine to Madawaska you all like best?
From Madawaska im going to take a side trip into Tennessee to see the Jack Daniel's Distillery and to ride the tail of the dragon or what ever that road is called but I hear there is one in PA as well back of the dragon maybe anyone have any info on that?
ok any help or info would be great.

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Post Re: Things to see on 4 Corners and routes
on: March 21, 2013, 10:47


Starting my first USA4CT on May 4th in San Ysidro, heading north to Blaine, east to Madawaska, south to Key West expecting to arrive in Key West on May 18th. From Blaine, I'm heading east on I-90 from Everett WA through Missoula MT, Billings MT (split off to I-94 E), Bismarck ND, to Duluth MN via I-94 E, US-336 N, US-10 E, US-34 E crossing into Canada at Sault Ste Marie MN then across the TCH 17 through Ottawa CA and back across at Edmundston CA.

Hope this helps. I have received a worlds worth of advice and recommendations here on the website; there are so many knowledgable seasoned riders here that go out of their way to help you out.

2012 Victory Cross Country Tour

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Post Re: Things to see on 4 Corners and routes
on: April 7, 2013, 10:58

Just get out there and enjoy the whole thing. I would not think to much about a set route. There is so much to see it could get overwhelming. 21 days is lots, but you can not lollygag too much. I am doing 4 corners the end of May and will start out from Blaine as I live in B.C., go south all on the I-5, then across to Maine and then to Key West. Fortunately I have been all around the U.S. a few times both R.V,ing and biking, so my motivation is just to go on a nice long ride, finishing in Florida. I am also doing a fundraiser on this trip for the local YMCA, where I work as a lifeguard. Have fun and stay in touch.

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Post Re: Things to see on 4 Corners and routes
on: April 13, 2013, 00:31

sounds like we have more or less the same route going but im going to try and not cross into canada and do the whole ride staying in the USA.
My plan start date will be May 14th or the 15th as of right now.

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Post Re: Things to see on 4 Corners and routes
on: April 28, 2013, 08:10


I have already talked to Elliot and we are going to pass eachother on the road since on May 9th I am leaving Key West heading to Maine, then heading west. Like you I am avoiding Canada so after I get through Me I might have some info for you on the route I took. I know that in the planning process it has been interesting planning how I am going to get through Me withour crossing the boarder. Going up and down the 95 for 2 hours?


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Post Re: Things to see on 4 Corners and routes
on: May 10, 2013, 15:57

I've finished my plans for my ride that starts at 3:00 AM in Houston on June 17. Since I'm going by myself, I am thrilled to do this just the way I want to. It is going to be a Six Corners ride in that I'm including International Falls, MN and Brownsville, TX.

I'm going to start with a combination Saddlesore 1000/Bunburner 1500 (in 36 hours) from Houston to Key West which requires a little jog north through Shreveport and Jackson. On the way to Maine I'm going to head west at Richmond and stop at Gettysburg. On the way to Blaine I'm going to stop at Niagara Falls, the Harley Museum, and Lambeau Field. I'll see friends in Minnesota and relatives in North Dakota. I'm going to ride the Going to the Sun highway in Glacier and visit friends in Kalispell, MT. Once in Washington, I'm taking 20 all the way through the North Cascades.

After the picture in Blaine I'm going to spend a night with all four of my sisters in Mount Vernon. I'll cut over to the Oregon coast and highway 101 - ride through the big Redwoods, cross the Golden Gate Bridge, get a picture at Folsom Prison, and then cut across the desert to see an uncle in Mesquite. From there on down to San Ysidro.

On the way home I'm going to do a Bunburner GOLD (1500 miles in 24 hours) to Brownsville and then a quick hop back up to Houston.

I rode from Houston to Key West to Homer, Alaska in the 2010 Hoka Hey Challenge. Everything I remember lacking on that trip - from waterproof boots to a GPS and GPS tracker for my wife - I've added in preparation for this one. The only trouble is...I've done everything except an oil change and a new set of Michelin Commander II's and it is only May 10th. Now I've got to figure out how to get some sleep while the excitement builds for another month.

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