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Author Topic: The Latest Info...
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Post Re: The Latest Info...
on: August 20, 2018, 14:57

4 of us from Texas may be spending the night in Globe. Our option is to ride on into Gila Bend for the night. We have reservations at both. Myself; I REALLY want to ride thru Mexico with as many folks as possible. I am the one who posted earlier about the numerous problems in that country that I have personally experienced. Not to brag, but I will detail for those who want to wave this off.
1. robbed by the local Police of everything of value I had had with me
2. While parked in a payed and guarded lot, had my car broken into and all our valuables stolen. passports. cash. credit cards. etc
3. Police thought i may be carrying something illegal, decided to dismantle my car on the roadside. [ they did not use tools to neatly accomplish this.] then left me standing there with a wrecked car even after finding nothing illegal.
4. a catholic poo-pah and many of his entourage shot standing just a few feet from us while waiting for a plane.

Ya'll understand my worries?!! Get the point..?
safety in numbers!!!!
I did see where some plan to be at the border 10:30 or so.
How about folks staying in Gila and having breakfast. any clue as to a time frame to meet and head out.
lets open some sort of plan and dialogue.
Bob T

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Post Re: The Latest Info...
on: August 20, 2018, 20:25

Hey, Bob
What part of Texas are you and your friends from? I am in Ft. Worth, me and
my friend are leaving on the 28th. Spending the night in Deming or Lordsburg, NM. Our goal is to be at Lukeville before 2pm on the 29th. To ride down with the group meeting there at 2pm.
Safe travels and see you there,

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Post Re: The Latest Info...
on: August 21, 2018, 15:34

Holy SHIT Bob! Can I say "shit" on this forum? I did the ride last year and rode from Gila Bend all the way to the hotel alone and stopped several times to take pictures. Each time I was stopped people travelling both directions were pulling over to make sure I was OK. There was so much traffic leaving PP that it was almost solid and there were a few hundred motorcycles headed into PP. Only saw one Mexican police vehicle after i crossed the border BUT in PP they were everywhere and seemed to be helpful and courteous. The entire area is posted as a "No Hassle" zone and some riders took that to mean no speed limit, probably not the case. I didn't hear of a single incident that occurred last year. Hopefully this year will be the same. Last year a local MC Club also provided escort services and the local riders were a rough looking crew but very nice people. I know Gonzo (& TFC Crew) have worked incredibly hard to make this event work and very safe for everyone. Keep in mind there will be approximately 250 of your best friend travelling the same route so we can look out for each other. If I see you getting robbed on the side of the road I'll stop to help out. 🙂 Ride safe, be courteous, have fun, donate a few pesos to the dude with the donation box on your way in and you'll be fine. I hope that at some point in my life Mexico can shed their poor reputation.

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Post Re: The Latest Info...
on: August 21, 2018, 18:42

Right on Brian. Last year was my first time in Mexico, nervous, heck yes. The only Police I saw/met were at the escort point and they escorted us out of town lights and siren. All they wanted to do was look at the bikes and talk riding. Ride cautiously as like everywhere there are interesting drivers, we're not in Kansas anymore (or the Yukon) so be careful but when I was in a small group where we didn't have the gotta keep up feeling never had a concern. Keep eyes open and head on a swivel and have fun, a beautiful country and by my experience good people.

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Post Re: The Latest Info...
on: August 21, 2018, 20:51

Bob.....a rider from TEX-as should not be troubled by a short ride into Mexico, when surrounded by 3 other Texans.

Brian, cannot say..."shit"...on this forum, unless you use it in the sentence..."Holy Shit, Batman".

To all you other wankers and newbies that have not ridden extensively deep into the heart of Mexico, allow me to share these sage words of advice with thee:

While it is smart to be aware of your surroundings, and traffic ANY given situation while riding a motorcycle....ANYwhere on this planet....I can tell you that riding down to Puerto Penasco is one of the safest rides into Mexico you will ever find.

The "trouble" spots of Mexico are the much larger border towns, and the regional areas deeper into Mexico...but NOT the Puerto Penasco area.

Before I use the time old adage..."these times they are a changin'"...I can share with you youngins' that "In The Old Days" when we used to start the 3FC along the northern Mexico border towns...back in the late '70s and up through the early '90s, for the most part (in plain speak that means 99.99% of us) never had a problem in Mexico.

BUT...historically...the 3FC generally likes to START in Mexico, and FINISH in Canada, and that is because we find better facilities in Canada, have a much easier time reading all those Canadian signs and billboards, can much easier understand the spoken Canadian find that the accommodations and restaurants are generally more upscale when we FINISH up North.

Over the last 5 decades (yes, I can use that time frame), we have only Finished down in Mexico a handful of times.

And more recently, because.....(wait for it)....."these times they are a changin'"......we found it was unsafe to travel into the more populated northern border towns of Mexico, so we Finished our ride in cities such as Tucson, AZ.

Having said all that, I can tell you that Puerto Penasco is much different than most of Northern Mexico, it is much safer....the route down to Puerto Penasco has designated NO HASSLE zones, and that is because small towns like Puerto Penasco survive on the tourist dollars.......take away the tourists...and people in Puerto Penasco lose their jobs, and businesses close down, and the infrastructure starts to crumble.

Frankly, My Dear....I would have no hesitation riding down from the border crossing at Lukeville, Az to Puerto Penasco all by myself, possibly because I am SO ugly, that I would scare away even a Black Cat that was trying to cross the road in front of me. Also quite possibly because I have ridden through countries in Africa, in Central America, in South America....that make the route to Puerto Penasco look you just won an all day pass at Disneyland, and no one else showed up, so you have the entire place to yourself.

Sure, if you feel more comfortable waiting for others to cross the border with you, do that, and meet new friends. If you feel more comfortable riding that 63 miles from the border down to the Start Hotel in Puerto Penasco with a small group of 3 to 6 that.

Do...what makes YOU feel most comfortable.

Just be aware of reality...and that reality is that the route from Lukeville, AZ. down to Peurto Penasco is one of the safest routes you will ever ride.

I mean.......come on have a higher percentage chance of being hit by a blue-haired old lady driving her deceased husbands' 1987 Cadillac in Palm Beach, Florida....or...being run into by a family of obese "pajama-wearing" Walmart shoppers in Houston, TX........than you do having some little 5 year old kid ask you for a few "pesos" on the way to Puerto Penasco.

Hey, go out there and have fun !

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Post Re: The Latest Info...
on: August 23, 2018, 06:30

C'mon Miles, that's a load of BS.

The REAL reason 3FC usually ends in Canada is..

After thoroughly enjoying 2,175 miles of touring over some if the best darn motorcycle roads in the USA and Canada (sorry the Mexico segment, although safe, isn't that exciting), Scads of Gorgeous, Rugged and Challenging Road Miles Through Twisty Mountains, Rolling Hills, Deserts and Farm Lands, all riders really want is a DAMN GOOD BEER.
And Canada is THE place to source that.
Sorry Mexico, sorry USA, your beer is lame.

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Post Re: The Latest Info...
on: August 23, 2018, 07:24

I stand sit corrected, on my Russell Day-Long saddle. 😎

It's all about the beer. 😛

Even for those of us that don't drink, it is still all about the beer. 😮

Beer Wars....a new TV series being brought to you by 3FC riders, traversing three countries, in an attempt to find the best beer. 😀 😛 😮 😎 😀

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Post Re: The Latest Info...
on: August 23, 2018, 08:35

OH Geez! The secret is out! 🙂 Calgary really does have some of the best microbreweries that I've sampled. Right next door to our office is Paddy"s BBQ and Brew and the food and beer's awesome. Miles they also have phenomenal root beer. There are about 6 microbreweries in close proximity to our office and more on the way. The best IPA's I've ever tasted is from Banded Peak which is 3 blocks south of our office. Office address is 3604 Burnsland Road SE if anyone wants to venture away from the Deerfoot Inn. Our (despised by many) NDP government gives these microbreweries some mind blowing tax breaks so they're popping up all over town. Also several new distilleries. They want us to be impaired when it comes time to vote. 😉

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Post Re: The Latest Info...
on: August 23, 2018, 12:15


I object to you calling yourself ugly.
Of course you ARE, but only I can do that, cause if you do it, it's only an opinion, if I do it, it's fact.
'Cause I don't participate in Fake News.
See you in Mexico.

And seriously, Thank you for all your input on this Forum, and to the rest of the 2018 3 Flags Committee.

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Post Re: The Latest Info...
on: August 23, 2018, 14:01

Bob, you are right.....when you call me ugly, it is a fact !

BTW, I will not be in Mexico at the Start, or in Canada at the Finish.

You will have to find someone as ugly as myself for you to pick one.

I "will" be at CPs # 1, 2, & 3....opening each Checkpoint, so if you are quick, you can see me there.

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