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Author Topic: Checkpoints Food & Drinks
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Post Checkpoints Food & Drinks
on: March 13, 2018, 17:32

I have intentionally "copied" this post from the "Latest News" thread, and reposted this here as a separate thread, as I feel it bears repeating.


On the matter of the "Snack Menu" for the Checkpoints, while I know this was meant in humor, or...humour for our Canadian riders....I do actually want to address this matter, as I feel it is important. 😐

Therefore, on a serious note, and I do ask that all of you PLEASE read this with serious thought, this year I will be supplying each of the first three Checkpoints...Gallup...Rawlins...and Great Falls...with a typed out and laminated page of all the grocery items that I believe should be supplied at each of those Checkpoints. This typed out page will be a "guideline" for each of the Checkpoint Captains to help them in their grocery shopping.

This year each of the first three Checkpoints will have an expanded budget, so that there is no question as to availability to sufficiently fund the groceries needed for those Checkpoints.

Now, onto an uncomfortable has been brought to my attention by more than one staff member or administration member that there have been a few...and only a few....riders that take gross advantage of the groceries at Checkpoints in recent years, to the specific point of having these few riders actually take arm loads of groceries out to their bikes, and load up their travel trunks with food items from the Checkpoints. Yes, this is hard to believe, but I have been told this by more than one other rider. 🙁

It was implausible for me to see this for myself, as I have made it a "bad habit" of being one of the first riders at every Checkpoint, helping those Checkpoints open up, get set up, an learn how to process all the riders. Been kinda my "thing" for the past dozen + years that I have been riding the 3FC. So I was not aware that a "few" riders were taking such advantage of all the groceries at Checkpoints, and by doing so, leaving less for those riders that are behind them.

It is a difficult thing to monitor this kind of act, and quite frankly, we should not have to. The food and drinks at each Checkpoint are there as a snack.....NOT to supply a rider with ALL their food/drinks needs for the entire 2100 mile ride.

Therefore, I will simply say this....PLEASE.....when any of you arrive at a Checkpoint, please enjoy the food and drinks that are there. Those food items and drink items are there for YOU.

I am NOT going to post a sign saying you can only take one drink, or one snack. I want you to enjoy the assortment of food and drinks that we have provided to ALL the riders.

Please...replenish yourselves, take a break, chat with the Checkpoint volunteers, walk around, eat some snacks, drink a refreshing drink.................and PLEASE remember that there are other riders behind you that also want to enjoy the food and drinks that are being made available for ALL the riders and passengers on this ride.

PLEASE be considerate of those riders that will be following behind you on this years' ride.

Do NOT take this as a limitation of what you can eat or drink. I want all of you to enjoy the food and drinks at this years' Checkpoints. That is part of the reason that I volunteered to be the guy in charge of the Checkpoints this year, as I know how it "should" be done. I have been a Checkpoint Captain back in '94, and staffed that entire Checkpoint with 3FC veterans that have ridden this event many times, so WE knew how to take care of all of YOU.

So, eat...drink..and be merry this year. Just be kind enough to remember there are riders still behind you, on the road, hungry and thirsty, just like you were.

"nuff said...and Thank You. 😎

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