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Author Topic: Border Crossing: From/To USA / Canada - Valuable info
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Post Border Crossing: From/To USA / Canada - Valuable info
on: June 12, 2018, 09:45

Here is a little jewel I just ran across on my last Eureka MT trip.
"US/Canada Border Crossing Guide 2018"
The printed booklet is available many places in northern Montana.

This well put together guide helps all of us crossing to or from the USA / Canadian borders. What to bring, what NOT to bring, exemption limits, medications, booze, smokes, firearms, travel insurance, food products, and more.
Bad stories, good stories.
A must read.
(Hint: don't lie, or risk not finishing 3 Flags!)

You can view it online, or print it.

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Post Re: Border Crossing: From/To USA / Canada - Valuable info
on: July 27, 2018, 13:57

I will add to what Brian posted above, and say that the border crossings INTO Canada have tightened up their rules regarding who is NOW allowable to enter Canada, and who is NOT allowed to enter Canada.

Directly from the mouth of one of the Canadian Border Agents:

"Due to Donald Trumps' tightening of the immigrations rules regarding who can, and cannot be allowed to enter the USA.....Canada has responded in kind.....therefore what WAS allowable, permissible, or overlooked in the past, will no longer be allowed, permissible, or overlooked."

And with that statement, every rider/passenger of the Three Flags Classic should take a moment and reflect back on their own personal history, and if there is anything that might possibly get you turned around at the border, do your best to clear that up now, even to the point of contacting one of the two Canadian Consulates.

Just because you were allowed to cross the border into Canada for the past 10, to 20, to 30 years....does NOT mean that you won't be turned around at the border now, under their tightening restrictions.

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Post Re: Border Crossing: From/To USA / Canada - Valuable info
on: July 27, 2018, 19:23

If you are a dual citizen, take both passports, one of them ought to work, right! 🙂

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