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Author Topic: 2020 Three Flags Classic
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Post Re: 2020 Three Flags Classic
on: August 10, 2019, 07:02

Canada: Lethbridge...nice hotel, accommodating folks, plenty of parking... 2009 3flgs
Mexico:Hmmm...the Sea of Cortz resort, Puerta Penasco (2017)
either N to S or S to N...the 45th should be special

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Post Re: 2020 Three Flags Classic
on: August 10, 2019, 11:00

I say lets start at a location like Las Cruces NM. Do a touch the fence in El Paso, 48 miles South. Not much different travel time than the Tucson or San Diego TFC Touch The Fence Ride.

Or... we can find a large hotel to handle the riders easily in Ciudad Juarez Mexico for the start. This location would likely generate contacts with our Mexican riders in that area and stay true to the TFC principles.

For the route, we travel through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, then an Easterly route through Montana, North Dakota and end up in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.

I am getting too familiar with our Westerly rout patterns and this would be a great challenge for the Five day trip...just saying.


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Post Re: 2020 Three Flags Classic
on: August 11, 2019, 06:03

Love the above idea but maybe add a few more miles and go to Saskatoon, great Saskatoon berry pie place to stop at while there.

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Post Re: 2020 Three Flags Classic
on: August 11, 2019, 20:09

As an update, I can tell you that a little birdy whispered into my ear,
and told me that they have already made plans for the Start and Finish locations
for the 2020 Three Flags Classic ride. 😉

I am not going to spill the beans here, as that would be unfair to the organizers, and putting the cart before the horse, so-to-speak. 😮

But for future references, it might be nice to Start in Winnipeg, Manitoba,
have a Checkpoint in Duluth, Minnesota at Aerostich Riderwearhouse (a huge sponsor of this ride), have another Checkpoint at the geographical center of the
48 states, in Lebanon, Kansas, and have the Finish of the in Tombstone, Arizona. 😀

We have Started one of these rides in Tombstone, AZ, and we have Finished one of these rides in Winnipeg, Manitoba......but we have never Started a ride in Manitoba, and Finished one in Tombstone. 😛

Got all that ? Did I make it clear enough ? 😎

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Post Re: 2020 Three Flags Classic
on: September 4, 2019, 08:18

IDEA for all the Three Flags Classic ORGANIZERS to consider:

Given that the first and original Three Flags Classic began in 1976, I think it would be really cool, and a tribute to the year 1976, to give FREE entry to any riders that register AND show up with a bike that has a manufactured date of 1976. 😀

In this latest version of the ride, in 2019, the OLDEST bike there was a 1996 BMW. 😐

If my olde friend Lyle Dringenberg was still with us this year, it was his plan to ride his 1980 Honda Goldwing 1100 during the 2019 Three Flags Classic, and he and I worked diligently to get that bike out of moth balls (cobwebs, squirrel debris, etc) to get it fully rebuilt, and solid as a road bike, with his intention to ride it in 2019. That bike would have easily won oldest bike...being a 1980 bike. 😎

So, my Gonzo and Steve Shulman is to give serious thought to the idea that if a rider registers that they will be riding a 1976 bike, and actually shows up with a 1976 bike, they are given a FREE entry into the Three Flags Classic ride.

And, this should be something that continues every year going forward.

I mean, what are the chances of riders showing up with a 1976 bike?
Maybe 1 in 250. How many riders are going to go out and BUY a 1976 bike, and go through the restoration process, to make it 100 % road worthy, just to get a FREE entry into future Three Flags Classic rides?

THINK about this 😉

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