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Author Topic: Mexican Vehicle Insurance
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Post Mexican Vehicle Insurance
on: April 23, 2019, 22:31

This was posted by BMWBOB on the 2020 Three Flags forum, so I am moving his questions to here, so that others riding this year, 2019, can see it, and hopefully it will help others.

BMWBOB said, "First timer for the TFC. Looking for information on Mexican Car Insurance. Where can you purchase it? Do you need to purchase it in person. How long is it good for. Can you buy it specifically for motorcycles. Is it a straight policy or are there “options” I should consider or not consider? I remember reading something in previous years eblasts or forums but can’t relocate it to save my ...."

BOB, here is my answer, but I would appreciate it if other veterans of this fine ride would also chime in, and help answer this.....

During the last millenia of years that I have been riding the Three Fags Classic, it has been a mixed bag of times that I have pre-purchased the motorcycle insurance for riding IN Mexico. Some years I do, some years I don't. I would recommend it for everyone to get this insurance, simply because it costs SO little, and does SO much to protect you, and your bike, "IF" you are involved in an accident.

You can "Google" it, and find the different carriers that sell the Mexican Auto Insurance, but if memory serves me (ha ha ha), I believe Sanborns is the one that I have used in the past, and the one that is generally advertised on the Three Flags e-blasts, as well as a couple other companies.

Check out a few different agencies, and compare rates.

Yes, you can get the insurance to cover your motorcycle.
Yes, you can get it for a specific TIME period, and can purchase it NOW, to cover that specific time period.

So, if you want to buy it now, or next month, or....the week before you leave to ride to Mexico, you can specify you want ti to cover August 29th and August 30th.....period.

That is just an example.

I believe in the past the insurance I have bought usually costs me between $ 25.00 and $ 75.00, for this short period of time, but it is money well spent.

And you can do this ONLINE, or on the phone with them, so you do NOT have to appear in their person.

Persona of Miles

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Post Re: Mexican Vehicle Insurance
on: April 26, 2019, 07:35

Only a fool would enter Mexico "without" proper insurance. Cost for one 24 hour period is US$37.00. Not having insurance and getting into an accident could see you in a nice Mexican prison even if it's not your fault. Can you imagine sitting in a prison wishing you'd spent the $37.00 for deluxe coverage? If you would like to call or email a Sanborn agent I use Farmers Insurance in Mesa, AZ. Call or email Stephanie Sherman at 480-497-0117 or email at . Very nice Lady and she will know what you require. Like Nike says "just do it!"

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Post Re: Mexican Vehicle Insurance
on: May 28, 2019, 19:44

Brian great information. Invaluable for east coast newbies. Really appreciate your response. I will Stephanie a call and "just do it".

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Post Re: Mexican Vehicle Insurance
on: June 5, 2019, 18:48

+1 for the other guys. Like Miles I have used Sanborns, both in person and online and been pleased with their service.

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Post Re: Mexican Vehicle Insurance
on: July 1, 2019, 13:35

Take a look at the June Newsletter article on page 32.
There is a list of proven sources.
This same article will be eBlasted this evening to the membership.

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