Membership Benefits

Here’s what you get with your membership to the SCMA

  • Riding events like no one else is offering to the riding community
  • Access to SCMA’s Premier Long Distance Riding events including: Three Flags Classic, USA 4 Corners Motorcycle Tour, Best 15 US Roads Challenge, California Parks Adventure and California Mission Tour
  • Online registration and payment to participate in our premier events
  • Access to SCMA’s local one and two-day California and Southwest rides including Grand Blazing Saddles Tour.
  • Links to our affiliated Southern California Motorcycling Clubs that present their own collections of interesting riding, touring and camping adventures
  • Travelers Award for attending our one-day and two-day events
  • Annual Awards Banquet presenting ride accomplishment and Appreciation awards.
  • Timely announcement of all of our events
  • A monthly e-newsletter chock full of news and articles of interest to long distance riders
  • A community forum of hundreds of experienced long distance riders that can offer you advice on roads, safety and equipment
  • Lasting friendships with some of the best people on earth
  • Irreplaceable memories of journeys, sites and relationships

 Kick stands up.   Let’s Ride!

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