Sponsoring Corporate Membership

If you are a company that provides wholesale and retail motorcycling equipment, apparel or services, consider the benefits of becoming a Sponsoring Corporate Member of one of the most active long distance motorcycling organizations in the United States.  SCMA has over 800 members.  Our newsletter reaches 1600 riders throughout the United States.   We conduct extreme grand touring events (so called by the American Motorcycling Association) that include the USA 4 Corners Tour, the Three Flags Classic Tour, the Best 15 US Roads Challenge, the California Parks Tour and the California Mission Tour.  Add to that SCMA’s 7 annual one-day and two-day organized rides and the more than 20 rides provided by our Affiliated Clubs and you have a full and dynamic riding calendar.  These are active riders that are very involved in long distance and medium distance events

Sponsoring Corporate Members receive a half-page add in our monthly e-newsletter.  Sponsoring Corporate Members receive prominent mention at our annual Awards and Appreciation Banquet held in Southern California every March and at our annual Three Flags Classic Banquet held at the finish point in September.  You will be noticed.

Join us for a $600 annual fee.  Contact SCMA’s chairman, R. “Gonzo” Gonzalez at (949) 433-0761 or email him at chairman@sc-ma.com if you have any questions.

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