Paypal or Your Credit Card

Online payment using PayPal or your credit card can be used for membership and for ride fees.

Online credit card purchases are always available to you.   When registering online and you get to the payment step, head first to the PayPal page.  It is there that you are given two options: PayPal or your own credit card.  So, for anyone wanting to pay online who does not have a PayPal account you are still good to go.  Just get out your Visa, MC, Discover or AmEx card and complete a secure transaction.  It works great.  It registers you immediately for the event and gives you an electronic indication that we have received your transaction (UNLESS you happen to have a Yahoo or SBCGlobal email address.  We are having a hell of a bad time with our messages bouncing since January 2014)  But a quick glance back into your profile and you will see your event listed there.  Also, online troubleshooting is available for us if you have a question or concern.  We can normally clear things up quickly with a phone call or email from you.  We can trace back through our password-protected administrative records that are on the website from our laptop computers.

Some folks try to use PayPal to pay for someone else.  Typically, a spouse or riding buddy will try to help out by making payment for the rider.  But there is a glitch that causes a problem when you try to pay for someone else for a membership or a ride.  It goes to you–not them.  We can correct our records from our end (and have done so a number of times) if you make that mistake.  So don’t worry, we have you covered.  But please don’t subject us to the extra administrative work.  Use your own account to pay for your own membership or for your own event.

Just remember that when you get to the online payment step, while it LOOKS like you are going to be asked to use PayPal, what will actually happen is you will be given the option of using PayPal or your own credit card.  Just click to the PayPal step and you will see what we mean.

And WHY do we administer our online payments this way?  Because we never see or touch your PayPal account or your credit card account.  We see evidence of the payment received, but we are never in direct contact with your credit or your money.  That bit of security is good for you and for us.  You can rest assured that secure online transactions are the only thing that is happening to your credit accounts.

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