2020 SCMA Three Flags Classic™ Talking Points

Three Flags Classic

Three Flags Classic™






  • Requirements:
  • Must have a reliable motorcycle capable of traveling 150 miles between gas stops.
  • Must have a valid motorcycle license from the State, Country, or Province they live.
  • Must have a valid passport not expiring sooner than 6 months from the date of the event.
  • 275-325 long-distance motorcycle riders of all ages and bike models will ride across 3 countries (Three Flags) on a 2000+ mile ride. The ride is mostly back roads though there are some interstates that take you to other back roads.  Riders may use interstates and deviate from the designated route as long as they make the checkpoints on time.
  • Lots of twisty, challenging roads along the route. It is pre-ridden by a TFC team to ensure the roads are open.
  • The ride takes place during rain, shine, sleet or snow. Riders should carry clothing for all weather events, to include, but not limited to rain gear, riding jacket, gloves, boots, helmet, etc.
  • This is not a race and is all about comradery, making new friends, and meeting old friends, fun, scenery, and having a great time. Some TFC riders have done this event 40 times.  In 2019 our youngest rider was a 17-year old female.  Our oldest rider was 93 years old in a Slingshot.
  • The route changes every year. It is primarily back roads but interstates are used.  Riders should take time to plan their route, book hotels in advance, if desired.  Registration should commence as early as possible.  Booking hotels at the start and finish EARLY is recommended.  Staying at the host hotels is best so you can remain in the area of the Mexican dinner and banquet hotel.  It’s a good place to meet your fellow riders too.
  • A passport IS required to get in and out of Mexico and Canada. Canada has some quirky rules regarding entry into their country.  If you have had a recent DUI, please contact Canadian authorities to ensure you’ll be allowed to enter and not be turned away at the border.
  • We will have a maximum of 325 registrants in 2020, so book as early as possible. Registration opens on January 4, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST.  This event will likely sell out!

                   Registrants must become a member of the SCMA –

                   Online membership is available.

                   Cost:    Registration for Three Flags Classic:  $295

                   SCMA Membership $35  (For insurance purposes, you                     must join the SCMA to register for the ride)

                   When:  Check-in Mexicali September 2, 2020 by 4 PM.

                   Ride:   September, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, 2020  (Finish no                           later than 9 PM on the 7th)

                   Banquet: September 8, 2020 3-5 happy hour. 5-8 dinner                     buffet and banquet

  • Start and Finish Hotels to be announced.
  • Checkpoints are “manned” by volunteers. Refreshments and water are provided at each checkpoint.
  • The route will be posted on this web site, but could be subject to change based on a pre-ride completed by the TFC Team. Route sheets will be printable and a GPX format available.  You do not have to follow the official route but highly recommended for maximum enjoyment.
  • The event has been done 44 times and many riders do this ride year after year. It is our goal to make this fun and enjoyable.  You will find other riders to be very helpful.  We even have a first-time riders meeting the day of registration in Mexicali.
  • Hotel costs and availability vary across the USA. Plan your trip accordingly and ride only the distance you feel comfortable.  While the rides are long days, there are always Interstates available throughout the ride you can opt to ride if you need to make up time.  We suggest printing two route maps in the event you lose one.
  • All lodging costs and bookings are the rider’s responsibility. Your registration pays for the dinner buffet at the Start and Finish.
  • What do you get for your registration fee?
  1. A fantastic, well organized ride.
  2. Rider Swag: Hat, shirt, route sheets, plaque, TFC Passport, Start Dinner Buffet, Finish Dinner Buffet, raffle prizes available at finish, checkpoint snacks, 50/30/20 drawing, fun, and of course the coveted limited edition 45th annual belt buckle (to certified finishers)



To download and print the Talking Points  click HERE.

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