2019 SCMA Three Flags Classic™ Rules


  1. This event is NOT a race to the finish. There are no records kept of finish times or how a rider places in the finish.
  2. All riders are responsible for their own lodging arrangements at the start, while on the road, and at the finish.
  3. Participants must complete all miles of this event on a motorcycle, trike or a sidecar.
    1. That is legally registered as a motorcycle in the state the vehicle is registered in. Proof of registration may be required, or
    2. On what is deemed to be a motorcycle in spirit, by the organizers if state registration is not available.
  4. All vehicles must travel under their own power and may not be towed, pushed or carried.
  5. As a registered rider or passenger, you must carry the 3FC Passport to positively identify yourself as a registered participant and to document your visits to the three checkpoints and the finish.
  6. Riders must start within the allotted start window of time and provide designated start materials to the starter.
  7. Riders must check-in to the three checkpoints (4 checkpoints on a 5-year annual) within the allotted times as indicated in the passport.
    1. Riders must obtain the SCMA 3FC Checkpoint “Stamp” and the checkpoint volunteers must fill in the required information attesting day, date, time of check in with a signature of the volunteer.
    2. In the event a gas receipt is required, the receipt must be clear with time/date stamp and presented with passport at following manned checkpoint.  It may be wise to take a cell phone snapshot of the receipt.
    3. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure his/her passport is properly stamped and signed by checkpoint officials. Any passport irregularities should be dealt with at the checkpoints before departing and will not be dealt with at the finish
    4. Failure to have proper authentication from a checkpoint will disqualify the rider from earning a “finisher’s buckle”.
  8. Riders must reach the finish checkpoint within the allotted operating time.
    1. The rider’s passport will be inspected by the finish official for meeting the required times.
    2. Riders validated as finishers will then be awarded a “Finisher’s Buckle”.
    3. The passport will be returned to the rider after validation.
  9. Missing any of the required times for start, checkpoints, and/or finish, will disqualify the rider from earning a “finisher’s buckle”.
  10. A preferred route for the event is usually publicized. Riders can elect to deviate from the route, but must reach each checkpoint within the allotted times of operation.
  11. Road closures due to weather, flat tires, mechanical breakdowns, accidents, family issues, getting lost, are all potential impacts to a successful finish. There will be no waivers or extensions of time offered at the finish.

Your starter package is provided to you at the START.

If you fail to pick up your starter package at the start, it will be available upon your request.  You will need to pay the shipping fee and you must provide a valid mailing address.  No effort will be made to ship start items to you if not requested.

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