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Three Flags Classic

Three Flags Classic™





2019 SCMA Three Flags Classic™ Tour Info

250 avid Long Distance motorcycle riders (ALL ages) cross 3 countries (3 Flags) Mexico, USA, and Canada on a 2,000+
mile journey. Mostly all 2 lane twisty challenging roads (zero to limited interstate). Rain, shine, sleet or snow to get to
your hotel for camaraderie, jocularity, many friendly lies, and a frosty beverage. And a belt buckle for finishing.

The Three Flags Classic™ Tour features a new, exciting ride every year. Maximum of 250 registrations (usually sold out).

Event details: Three Flags Classic™ Tour 2019 – 3FC19
When: Labour Day Long weekend.
Whole event dates: Thursday, August 29 – Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Start Hotel: Hotel Araiza in San Luis Rio Colorado Mexico will have a riders meeting, and buffet Thursday, Aug 29-19
Finish Hotel: Prestige Vernon Lodge, Vernon BC.
Riders will start to arrive Sunday, September 1, 2019, most arrive Mandatory Monday by 9:00 PM, Sept 2.
Banquet: Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019
Finish Hotel Usual Checkout: Wednesday, Sept 4, 2019
The Finish: Will be manned/staffed by Volunteers from the Okanagan area.
Organizer: Southern California Motorcycle Association (SCMA)
2019 will be the 44th year running of the Three Flags Classic™ Tour
3FC routing and checkpoints are now established (Subject to final Pre-Ride adjustments).
Roads: Mostly 2 lane “best roads”; Zero to limited interstates.
Checkpoints: There will be 3 mandatory checkpoints, where you must get your 3FC19 Passport stamped.
Route design: Is done by long time, long distance riders and local experts. GPS routes and turn-by-turn printable route
sheets provided. You supply the maps. No, you don’t have to follow the official route, although HIGHLY recommend for
maximum enjoyment. You do need to hit all the checkpoints in the allotted timeframes.
Event Registration: Will start Midnight January 19 – May 15, 2019, online only www.SC-MA.com Max 250.
44 Years running: Think of the bikes used in 1975 to do the 2,100 mile run then.
You will find the riders to be one big happy Family, which you will comfortably fit into.
Bike size: Run what you brung, as they say.
Riding styles: There are a number of ways you can do the tour: Social style – Checkpoint to checkpoint, stay over and
have a fun night with buddies. IBA (Iron Butt) style – go as hard and as far as you can, until you run out of open
checkpoints. Or, whatever style you like – just make the checkpoints.
Lodging: There are official Start & Finish host hotels (Highly suggest you stay there). On the ride, it’s up to you where you
stay. All lodging costs and bookings are the rider’s responsibility.
How do you GET to start: Well, RIDE of course. (or ship your bike & fly – not the recommended way)
Cost: Registration in 2019 is $285.00 USD.
What you get: One Hell of a ride!! Camaraderie, jocularity. Rider Swag, Route Sheets, Official 3FC Passport, Ball Cap,
Snazzy Tee Shirt, Stunning Wall Plaque, Pin, Decal, Start Hotel Buffet, Checkpoint Snacks, and Beverages, Ending Banquet,
Door Prizes, AND Limited Edition Memorial Belt Buckle for Certified Finishers.
Website: www.SC-MA.com & follow the RIDE > Three Flags Classic links.
Highly Unofficial 2018 Three Flags Classic™ Tour Statistics:
3 Flags 2018 entrants: (registrations sold) 225
3 Flags 2018 Official Starters: (Rider cards handed in) USA:119, Canada: 91, Mexico: 4,
Number of Lady riders: 21 with more and more every year (and they are having FUN!).
Oldest Male Finisher: 86 years
Oldest Female Finisher: 74 years
Youngest Male: 22
Youngest Female: 38
Most Miles to get there: from Hopewell VA
Most 3 Flags Tours: #40 for Danny & Gloria
Bike Makes: 76 Honda, 55 HD, 43 BMW, 11 Yamaha, 8 Triumph, 5 Victory, 5 Indian, 2 Suzuki, 3 Can Am, 2 KTM, 4 Other.
Smallest CC bike: 500 cc – Honda CBR500
Oldest Bike: 1999 Honda Goldwing
Best Checkpoint: Finish – Calgary Deerfoot Inn & Casino. (unbiased opinion-writer from Calgary, and 196 other riders).
Highest Poker Hand: Prize
Poker Chip: Prize was Next year 3FC ticket
2 New Aerostitch Riding Suits:
50/30/20 draw winners: 50% – $1,686, 30% – $1,012, 20% – $674 (US $$!)


To download and print the Talking Points  click HERE.

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