Best 15 US Roads Challenge

We are offering this Premier Ride again in 2018, the eighth year for this difficult Challenge. Only thirty riders are Certified Finishers, and together, they have completed the Best 15 US Roads Challenge forty-one times. Because of the not yet complete reconstruction work on CA-1, the road will be replaced in 2018 with CA-70, the Feather River Scenic Byway, between Oroville and Quincy. This is the only change to the 2017 Best 15 US Roads list.
Get out on these roads to see the spectacular and varied landscapes these roads will lead you through. One of the recent finishers commented, “I don’t know how you picked these Fifteen Roads, I think I rode thirty great roads just to get to the Fifteen!”
Take the Challenge, these could be the most memorable rides of your life.

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