Best 15 US Roads Challenge

Best 15 US Roads Challenge List for 2019

   This difficult Premier Ride Challenge is offered again with some interesting changes for its ninth year, 2019.  Seven replacement roads or road groups, plus a Sixteenth road have been added to the list. A challenge taker may ride any 15 of the 16 listed roads to qualify as a finisher. This ride challenge is not for everyone… to date, only 38 riders have been able to complete the Best 15 US Roads Challenge. There have been 50 finishes as some of these long-distance riders have ridden the Challenge more than once over the years. Do you have what it takes to join this very limited group of SCMA long distance riders?

   As a registrant, you will have a two-year window to complete the challenge one time, though ALL 15 Roads must be ridden in ONE calendar year. If for any reason, you do not complete all roads the first year, you will have a second chance, BUT, you start with a blank slate for that second try.

     Get out on these Roads to Experience the spectacular and varied landscapes these roads offer. One recent finisher commented, “I don’t know how you pick these Fifteen roads, I think I rode Thirty great roads to get to the Fifteen!”

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