California Parks Adventure

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The California National Parks Tour challenges riders to visit all the National Parks in California. There are now 25 National Park sites stretching from Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma in San Diego to the Lava Beds and Redwoods in northern California. The 25th and newest park, Caesar Chavez National Monument, was created October 2012 and is located in the Kern County town of Keene.

The challenge is to ride to each park within a calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 15) and document that visit with photograph and a stamp from the visitor center in your SCMA Passport. Details of the challenge requirements can be found on the SCMA website.

Two national parks in California keep limited hours or have weather shortened seasons – the Eugene O’Neill NHS and the Devil’s Postpile. The Eugene O’Neil NHS consists principally of guided tours of the playwright’s former home. Visitors are not able to go directly to the home but must schedule a shuttle trip / tour with the NPS from the Museum of the San Ramon Valley.

The NPS does not keep to a fixed opening / closing calendar for the Devil’s Postpile National Monument. That calendar is driven by the weather. The Park generally opens sometime in June after the winter snows can be cleared but can close again, without notice, before the end of October.

To accommodate the partial schedule at these two parks, the California National Parks challenge only requires the rider to obtain stamp / photo certification from one of these two parks. Satisfactory completion of this challenge then will have 24 validations; 23 of the other parks and then a 24th from either Devil’s Postpile NM OR the Eugene O’Neil NHS.

We highly suggest, before you visit any of the National Parks, you should look at each park’s website for additional information and call the visitor centers to confirm road condition and operating hours. That website can be found at

The California National Parks are great locations to visit and learn about the fantastic wildlife and natural life that exists in this great state. Many of our riders have taken up this challenge with camping gear on their bikes and have enjoyed visiting sites on weekends throughout the year. All agree that they learned a lot after visiting the National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites located within California!

You must be a member of SCMA and you must complete a release of liability form to complete your registration for this event. A completed ride application, ride fee, SCMA membership and signed and notarized Release of liability (ROL) form must be in our hands prior to you receiving the passport book. The AMA Sanction Number for the 2017 California Parks Adventure is 50560.

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for SCMA to process and mail your starter’s package and your trip passport.  Your completed application, your payment and your signed and witnessed release of liability form must be in our hands prior to processing and mailing your starter’s package and your trip passport.
When you complete the event:

The passport book must be stamped at each park and a picture of your bike at each park must be added to it.  Send your completed passport book to SCMA, California Adventure Series:

California Adventure Series
PO Box 487,
Norwalk, CA 90651-0487.

The Pin and Plaque will be ordered in your name after the close of the event Dec 15. Normally, we return your passport and provide a memorial plaque at our annual Awards and Appreciation Banquet that is conducted in March of every year.  However, if you want to make other arrangements, contact us at and let us know.


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NOTICE: You must mail a signed and witnessed and notarized Waiver and Release of Liability Form to complete your application for this event. The AMA Sanction Number for the 2017 California Parks Adventure is 50560.
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or (818) 373-8239

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