2022 SCMA Three Flags Classic® Registration

PLEASE NOTE – If you have already registered for 3FC20 or 3FC21, which were canceled, and left your fee on account for 3FC22 you do not have to register again as that registration has been carried over to 3FC22.

To register for this event you must first have an active SCMA membership.

Please carefully read everything below,  then select which tickets you want.  Click the green button below the form and on the next page you will fill out all the information needed for the ride.

If you are not a current member:

Registration online is the only method of registering.

The online registration link, near the bottom of this page, will re-direct you to PayPal where you can register and pay your fee via credit card or your PayPal account.

The online registration form appearing below becomes active after you have logged on as an active SCMA member.


Shirt sizes cannot be guaranteed for registrations after July 8, 2022

Online Registration
For security reasons, we limit the amount of time you have to complete the registration. If you click continue at any point and you get a notice that you do not have a ride in the queue, the event link expired, an error has occurred or your form data could not be applied to any valid registrations. or other such message, you need to start the registration over. We know this is a pain in the neck, but its for good reason. We want to protect your information as much as you want us too. So please accept this and with good cheer and reassurance, and start the registration over. If you are not quick with computer, we suggest you check all the required information and make sure it is handy before you begin.

Please make only one selection at a time.  I.e., select (1) rider and complete the registration – then return to the registration page and select (1) passenger and complete that registration.

If you wish to buy a second rider ticket, please complete the purchase of the first rider, then after submitting payment begin a new registration for the second rider by logging in under the 2nd rider’s username and make payment with their credit card.

If your passenger wishes to ONLY attend the Buffet & Banquet, and not receive any SWAG, select a “Psngr Buffet & Banquet Only” ticket.  Then fill out the complete Passenger information.  

If you are NOT riding and want to attend ONLY the Buffet and/or Banquet, select the appropriate Buffet/Banquet Only ticket(s) below.

A Passengers must be an SCMA Member, registered to ride, and must check-in at the start and sign a Release of Liability (ROL).

What is SWAG??  
When you purchase a Full SWAG Ticket, you’ve registered to ride the 45th Annual, 2022 Three
Flags Classic (TFC). You’ll be assigned a rider number in the order of registration. Upon
arriving at the start hotel in Mexicali you will receive a variety of items that don’t take up a great
deal of space. This is what we refer to as “swag.” You’ll receive the TFC Passport with your
picture and neck lanyard, a wrist band, a shirt, a hat, and other fun material. This is the 46th Annual Ride so there will be some special swag to commemorate the ride. Upon completing the ride (following the rules of the ride), you’ll receive the coveted limited edition 46th Annual TFC
belt buckle! Finish location to be determined.

At this time we believe the start of the ride will be Mexicali, Mexico. After registration, e-blasts
will keep you informed of information as ride details become available. Mexicali is just over the
border south of Calexico, California. The start hotel should be about 5 miles from the
California/Mexico border. Besides receiving “swag” for your registration, there will be a
starter’s dinner (included with your registration) on late Wednesday afternoon August 31, 2022.
Here you’ll meet or see all the other riders set to start the ride in the early morning of
Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Upon checking in at all 4 checkpoints (along the backroads route) and making it to the finish (to
be determined) you’ll receive the limited edition belt buckle specially designed for the 46th Annual TFC.
You’ll arrive at the finish on Monday, September 5, 2022. On Tuesday,
September 6, 2022, you’ll attend the finisher’s dinner buffet (paid for with your registration).

This is what you receive for registering. What else do you get? The ride of a lifetime, and one
you’ll never forget!

Tickets will go on sale at 10:00 AM, January 2, 2022.

Rider FORM
Shirt sizes cannot be guaranteed for registrations after July 8, 2022.

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

Passenger FORM
Shirt sizes cannot be guaranteed for registrations after July 8, 2022.

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

NON-Rider Buffet/Banquet FORM

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

For further clarification, or questions about this event, contact Steve Shulman, Chairman 2022 Three Flags Classic™ at:
3flagschair@sc-ma.com Or
1-949-769-1726 (USA)

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