2022 SCMA Three Flags Classic® SpotWalla Group Information

For 2022, your 3FC Committee has partnered with SpotWalla to set up a Location Page that will show the current location of all 3FC riders who have opted to participate. In simple terms, it means we will have a map to show where people are. Here is the location page for the 2022 Tour of Honor as an example. Each dark rectangle represents the most recent position of the rider identified by the text in that rectangle. As you can see, many riders have chosen to use their TOH Flag number as their location ID. The orange dots are TOH locations.

Each rectangle may be clicked to show the date/time and position coordinates. Speed is also an option but has been disabled on the 3FC Location Page.

In addition, SpotWalla usage is FREE to 3FC 2022 riders for the duration of the event. This is accomplished by redeeming a coupon within SpotWalla on or after 8/29/2022. See the link below for more details:

Why would you want to participate in the 3FC2022 location page? There are several benefits:
• Your family and friends can monitor your progress
• If riders become separated, they can determine each other’s location
• Roadside assistance can be directed to a location
• SCMA has a last known position if a rider is overdue or has missed a checkpoint
• SCMA can determine if a rider is stopped or still proceeding towards their destination

If this is old hat to you, head on over to SpotWalla and join the 2022 Three Flags Classic location page.
If you’re a current SpotWalla User but not sure about the Location Page thing, see the link below.

If you’re new to SpotWalla and/or not sure what all this tracking business is about, here’s a brief overview:
SpotWalla is an online personal location management system with support for both satellite-based tracking devices as well as cellular phone applications. In simpler terms, it’s a big Google Map which will display an icon for any rider that chooses to have their location information displayed. Many long-distance riders use it to create a record of their travels and it is the tool of choice for the IBA’s new Insta-Cert submission process.
Most of us carry a cell phone with us as we ride. Unless it is powered down or in an area without cell service, it always knows its location. Your cell phone can run an app which sends a ping (message) to SpotWalla on a periodic basis. This message contains information regarding your location at the time the message was sent; it can also be configured to include custom text and pictures depending on your device. This information is stored within SpotWalla and is presented on a map that is viewable when signed in to your SpotWalla account. These messages can be organized into a Trip within SpotWalla, which will connect all the points from your Trip in chronological order to form an approximate track of your route. The picture(s) and text that you may have included will be linked to the message which carried them so that you have a record of where and when it was created.
Here’s an example from a 4-day trip in May 2022.

Each of the little dots represents a message. If message detail is desired, just click on the dot for the information. Note the picture thumbnail and gas pump icon to the upper right – it means I used a different message to indicate it was a gas stop, and the thumbnail shows that I took a picture of my gas receipt. The pump icon replaces the orange dot; clicking it again brigs up message detail.

SpotWalla will retain this information until you choose to delete it. This retention capability coupled with the ability to make many trips of nearly any duration give users a great way to organize and archive their rides. I know several folks that create a trip each calendar year to get an easy annual view of their riding activity. An individual message can be used an any number of trips; it’s just a matter of the start and end date/times for each trip.

SpotWalla was free until about a year ago but is now a very reasonably priced paid service. Charges are usage-based (like a toll road) and an average user pays about $25 per year. In support of the sport, it is made available for free during many riding events. It will be available without cost to participants of 3FC2022 from now through September 10th, 2022 if you think you might want to give it a try.

If you’re ready to give our Location Page and SpotWalla a shot, here’s a link that will help you get set up:

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