Best 15 US Roads Challenge

Best 15 US Roads Challenge for 2020

This difficult Premier Ride Challenge is offered again with some interesting changes for its tenth anniversary in 2020, with eight replacement roads or road groups introduced. The sixteenth road will remain on the list so that a ride registrant may omit any one road from the list, then ride 15 roads to qualify as a finisher. This is a tough ride challenge … in the first nine years that this Challenge has been offered, there have been 55 finishes which were completed by only 41 riders. Through 2019, just nine SCMA long-distance riders have taken the Challenge more than once! Join this very limited group of finishers, or maybe the very exclusive group of repeat finishers and TAKE the 2020 Best 15 US Roads Challenge!

As a registrant, you will have a two-year window to complete the challenge one time, though ALL 15 Roads must be ridden in ONE calendar year (January 1 through November 15, and ride logs must be submitted by November 30). If for any reason, you do not complete all roads the first year, you will have a second chance, BUT you start with a blank slate for that second attempt. Registrants will receive a starter packet containing a Best 15 US Roads Challenge t-shirt and Best 15 pin and patch. Finishers will also receive an engraved Buck 112 Ranger Knife to commemorate the accomplishment!

Get out on these Roads to Experience the spectacular and varied landscapes these roads offer. One recent finisher commented, “I don’t know how you pick these Fifteen roads, I think I rode Thirty great roads to get to the Fifteen!”

For further clarification or questions about this event, contact Bob Roger, Chairman, Best 15 US Roads Challenge, at either
(330) 857-8131 or

 Also, visit our Best 15 US Roads Challenge Facebook page.

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