Best 15 US Roads Challenge

Best 15 US Roads Challenge for 2021

Because of the travel and lodging restrictions, we faced, and the low number of finishers in 2020 the Roads list will remain the same for 2021. Last year, that list was refreshed with eight new roads and road groups in new areas of the country to add interest with riding new roads and seeing new places. Although this is a fifteen road challenge and only fifteen are required to finish, there are sixteen roads on the list. The registrant may choose a road to omit…but a couple of our “hardcore” riders have done all sixteen!

As stated in the rules, a registrant will have a two-year window to complete the Challenge one time, however, ALL 15 Roads must be ridden in one calendar year (January 15th through November 15th, with Ride Logs, turned in by November 30th). There is a one-time exception to this rule for all of the 2020 registrants: any of the roads they have completed in 2020 will carry over to 2021 when they can finish the list of the 15 roads.

Registrants will receive a starter packet containing a Best 15 US Roads Challenge t-shirt, and a Best 15 US patch and pin, Finishers will also receive an engraved 112 Ranger Buck Knife… AND a personalized, suitable for framing Finisher’s Certificate to commemorate the accomplishment!

Most of us did not reach our usual annual mileage in 2020 and are anxious to get out to put some motorcycle miles behind us in 2021. What better way could there be than to ride the Best 15 US Roads Challenge! Get out there and ride these great roads through varying landscapes with spectacular views. Again, I will pass on a comment from a past Best 15 US Roads Challenge finisher, “I don’t know how you pick these Fifteen Roads, I think I rode thirty great roads to get to the Fifteen!”

Get out on these Roads to Experience the spectacular and varied landscapes these roads offer. One recent finisher commented, “I don’t know how you pick these Fifteen roads, I think I rode Thirty great roads to get to the Fifteen!”

For further clarification or questions about this event, contact Bob Roger, Chairman, Best 15 US Roads Challenge, at either
(330) 857-8131 or

 Also, visit our Best 15 US Roads Challenge Facebook page.

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