Best 15 US Roads Challenge

 Announcing the 2023 Collection

Best 15 US Roads Challenge

                                        It’s still the Best 15 US Roads Challenge, but with a little twist for 2023! There are 20 Roads listed, all of which have been on a Best 15 US list over the past Twelve years, the life of the Challenge. As usual, just 15 of these roads must be ridden to complete the Challenge, but a 150-mile section of Road #1, the Blue Ridge Parkway MUST be included on your list of 15 Roads. The registrant can then choose any 14 of the remaining 19 Roads to complete his or her Road list. The BRP is required to ensure that the registrants will travel on roads east of the Mississippi River. These Roads could possibly be ridden in one continuous loop around the country without any backtracking. So, ride 15, or ride ‘em all, it’s up to the ride planner. Just remember to include the Blue Ridge Parkway! 

   The registrant will have a two year window to complete the Challenge, BUT, ALL Roads must be ridden within one calendar year, with riding dates being January 1 to November 15.

   Registrants will receive a registration packet containing a Best 15 US Roads Challenge short sleeve t-shirt, pin and patch. Finishers will be awarded an engraved Buck 112 Ranger Knife and a finisher’s certificate “suitable for framing!”

   If you have questions, please contact me at or call me at (330)857- 8131.                                         

     Also, visit our Best 15 US Roads Challenge Facebook page.

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